About The Artist

Pedro Huamani places his creativity, inventiveness and his eagerness to create a new pictorial, seeking to give it new beauty, more depth and more value to the art of the ancient American and to recapture our valuable ancestry that is recognized at an international level and it's recovering value and beauty.

He masters the techniques of painting in oleum and water-color, having a refined sense of drawing as base of his creations, represents the style Neo-figurative, expressionist and abstract, uses violent and strong colors, typical colors of the Pre-Inca culture and also masters the chromatic harmonies and valoratives, accomplishing in determined canvas the contrast of the artist personal characteristic tonalities that denote the euphoria and the passiveness of his character as formed in his works of art. 

He is a creator of images, capturing forms and mythic peoples.

Allegory Chavin

About the Art

The artist Pedro Huamani, in the course of his studies and investigation about art, has obtained complete knowledge about the ancient Americans, motivated by a relentless desire to deepen such knowledge, equally about the history of Inca and Pre-Inca culture and archaeology, discovers: "That the peoples elevated pride has been attributed to an ancestry of heroes and gods". Theories that are supported by the legends of the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian and other cultures; that carry us to conclude that the ancient cultures of the world had extra terrestrial ancestry and influence, of superior beings that bequeath us their teachings and that left in all the cultures of the world: analogous characteristics and remains similar or exactly alike. 

These beings departed one day with the promise to come back some day. Our Inca and Pre-Inca culture was regarded as an exotic world full of mysticism and nationalism and is concluded that many desperate theories existed in search of the genesis of the ancient American civilization. 

His paintings emphasize a conjunction of forms, a mixture of Pre-Columbian figures that attempt to revive our historical past through totemic figures.


  • Best in Show. Color:vivid, vibrant and vital Exhibition at R. Dixon Gallery
  • Selected for exposition at the International Monetary Fund Art Society, Washington, DC.
  • Post graduate studies in the specialty of Arts and Humanities in the University of San Agustin, Arequipa, Peru. 
  • Graduated in third position with an Honor Diploma and honorable mention from the "Victor Delfin promotion from the Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes del Peru" 
  • Holder of a United Nations scholarship to the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. 
  • Ex-Teacher of Military College Francisco Bolognesi, Arequipa
  • Ex-Teacher of the Superior Art Institute Carlos Baca Flor, Arequipa
  • Judge in various local cultural drawing and painting events. 
  • Diploma of recognition for his artistic trajectory and projection to the community. 
  • Painter of murals in the Military College Francisco Bolognesi, Arequipa. 
  • Currently assessor professor of Activities and Promotion of Community Education of the National College Cervantes of Bolognesi, Arequipa. 
  • Honorary professor and director of the class of "Luis Palao Berastin" of the Superior Institute "Carlos Baca Flor", Arequipa, Peru. 
  • First Position in the "Design and Logotype" competition of the Military College Francisco Bolognesi, Arequipa, Peru.